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Neology Stem Cell Anti-Aging Hospital

Neology Stem Cell Anti-Aging Hospital

Qiyan Stem Cell Anti-Aging Hospital is a professional health management and anti-aging institution invested by CITIC PE and a subsidiary of Beauty Farm, integrating advanced medical technology and top medical professionals.

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  • Tao Qiqiang

    Tao Qiqiang -

    President of Neology Stem Cell Anti-Aging Hospital, Chief Physician, Professor

  • Ying Qilong

    Ying Qilong-

    Director of the Southern California Stem Cell Research Center, Tenured Professor

  • Burkhard Domurath

    Burkhard Domurath-

    Dr. Domurath specializes in molecular biology, microbiology, microsurgery, laser surgery, neurourology and paraplegia.

  • Neal Rouzier

    Neal Rouzier-


  • Mu Yiming

    Mu Yiming-

    Expert, Professor and Chief Physician in Endocrinology

  • Ma Li

    Ma Li -


  • Chen Haixu

    Chen Haixu-

    PhD in Regenerative Medicine, Associate Research Fellow, and Associate Professor

  • Zhu Lunjian

    Zhu Lunjian-

    Tumor Immunology Specialist

  • Rong Guanghua

    Rong Guanghua-


  • Yang Lijun

    Yang Lijun -

    Functional Medicine Expert

  • Zhou Yiming

    Zhou Yiming -

    Research Fellow, Biomedical Specialist

  • Zeng Wei

    Zeng Wei -

    Oncology Specialist

  • Liu Zhikun

    Liu Zhikun -

    Chief Physician

  • Lin Haiyan

    Lin Haiyan -

    Ultrasound Attending Physician

  • Wang Yasha

    Wang Yasha -

    Deputy Chief Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Su Litao

    Su Litao -

    Internal Medicine Specialist, Functional Medicine Expert

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