Tao Qiqiang

Updated: July 7, 2021 L M S


Tao Qiqiang served as former Director of the Biotherapy Center of a People's Liberation Army hospital, a member of the graduate supervisors group of the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) at Claremont Colleges in California, United States, Vice Chairman of the Translational Medicine Branch of the China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals, a Standing Committee Member of the Biotherapeutics Committee and Cell Research and Treatment Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, and a Standing Committee Member of the Chinese Association of Neurorestoratology.

Tao is dedicated to the clinical, research and teaching work of immunology and tissue cell regeneration medicine. Since the 1980s, Tao has been one of the first experts using regenerative medicine for clinical treatment with immunocyte technology. To date, nearly 20,000 cases of immunocyte and stem cell therapy have been reported. He has published dozens of academic papers and participated in or hosted many academic conferences.