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Focusing on the detection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors: GE's first in the world AI-based APEX CT is available in Lecheng.

Updated: April 28, 2022 L M S

APEX CT, the world's first AI-based CT system approved by FDA and recently introduced by Boao Yiling Life Care Center, has been put into use in Lecheng.

The APEX CT was transferred from Chicago, USA to the Boao Yiling Life Care Center. After installation, commissioning, training, etc., it is now available in Lecheng with which Chinese patients can enjoy international advanced CT services without the need to go abroad.

Mr. Song Baiyu (Director of the Medical Imaging Department of Boao Yiling Life and Health Pre-Examination Center) explains that the APEX CT high-tech device at Baoao Yiling focuses on detecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors which pose the greatest threat to human health. This innovative device goes beyond the existing CT image algorithms of the past decade and provides extremely "clear" images of whole blood vessels. The APEX CT can detect tumors very early with extremely "low" radiation doses.

The APEX CT has industry-leading hardware and enables one-stop scanning of tumors at a very early phase, coronary arteries and whole blood vessels. Each scan can obtain a high-definition image of which the quality is unmatched by previous CT devices. It retains the true texture and anatomical/ pathological structure in great detail resulting in a trinity of low dose, low noise and true image texture. "The introduction of advanced equipment such as APEX CT and mammography device is only part of the upgrade of the Yiling health pre-examination system. Boao Yiling has joined hands with a number of internationally renowned medical institutions to provide high quality services to Chinese people." Zhao Liguo (President of Baoao Yiling Life and Health Pre-examination Center) said.

Sophisticated instruments, an one-stop physical examination process, five-star hotel-style physical examination service, private physical examination space, standard technical operations and accurate physical examination are reasons why customers choose Boao Lecheng for their health examination.

"I receive a physical examination every year and every time I come, there are major surprises. For example, the CT and the mammography device that was introduced scanned clearly. Other items examined were more detailed than before and that made me know my physical condition better. " Ms. Wang, a royal customer of Boao Yiling, said sincerely.

After receiving a MR examination at Boao Yiling International Medical Imaging Center, Mr. Wang from Hubei province said that the advanced equipment and professional team of experts in Boao Lecheng were important factors for him to choose Lecheng for regular recuperation, especially now there is a severe epidemic abroad. It made him and his family feel at ease and assured