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Why do domestic and foreign drug and device manufacturers very much appreciate Hainan Free Trade Port? Listen to what they say:

Updated: April 28, 2022 L M S

Since the establishment of Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan has attracted many global companies to settle in the province. Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, De Beers, Forevermark, Lenton, Harrow School ... What makes them appreciate Hainan policies and business environment? 

What is the business environment for investment in Hainan? The Special Office of Hainan for Optimizing Business Environment released recently a three minute video. In the video, entrepreneurs from Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and De Beers Forevermark discussed their experiences about investing and setting up companies in Hainan and described how they experienced the changes in Hainan's business environment during the past years.

During recent years, Hainan has been actively accelerating the development of Hainan Free Trade Port, continuously optimizing its business environment and attracting all kinds of companies to trying to acquire a market share in Hainan Free Trade Port. Last year, there were 498,000 new international companies established in the province. This is an increase of 52.15% compared to last year, including 175,000 new companies (which is a 10.72% increase). The number of newly established foreign-funded enterprises increased by 92.6%.

"Companies are extremely happy with the changes" said Yuan Hou 'An (Chairman of Hainan Chuangyuan Shipping Co., Ltd.). It was expected that it would take his company two weeks to change a ship's registration but in fact, it took just one and a half day to complete the procedure of changing the registered address of a Chuangxin 9 Ship from Wuhan to Yangpu."The procedure involved more than ten certificates" according to Yuan Hou’An. This efficient "Hainan speed" helped the company save more than one million yuan. 

Not only private companies are proud on their achievements in Hainan but the vast market of Hainan Free Trade Port also allows foreign-funded companies to cast their "vote of confidence". Wang Liping (Regional Vice President of Johnson & Johnson Eye Health In Greater China, Australia and New Zealand) stated: "We have realized a number of industry and national firsts in Hainan Free Trade Port. Wang also stated that achieving high-quality development after establishing a company results from a sound business environment. And that is also conducive to a steady development of foreign trade and foreign investment. Yann Bozec (Tapestry Asia-Pacific President and Coach China CEO & President) also believes that there is an even greater potential of the Hainan market. "We already have opened five branches in Hainan."

"Lecheng makes me feel very optimistic" said Dan Brindle (President of Novartis Group (China)) and he has also full confidence in the further development of Boao Lecheng, Hainan Free Trade Port.

Due to a continuously optimized business environment, Hainan has evolved into a "strong high quality magnet" attracting companies to invest in Hainan. 

"From land acquisition, development, construction to putting our facility into use, it took us less than one year": Liang Xiaobo (Executive Vice General Manager of Hainan International Energy Exchange Center) believes that such "Hainan Speed" is very attractive to enterprises. Lu Hao (Tencent WeChat Industry Development Director) found that more and more companies moved industrial clusters to Hainan or cooperated with Hainan. Hainan's business environment also continues to attract clusters of high-quality well-known companies.

In this year's Government Work Report, it is proposed to "deepen reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulations, and upgrade services with a focus on creating a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment.” Kelly M Wailes (Harrow Haikou Head Mistress) already experienced such reforms:: "We used to provide tax certificates for foreign teachers every month. Now we only need to provide them once every six months which is a great convenience for teachers' foreign exchange management. "

Hainan has created “One Stop Shop” windows and simplified government services, so that companies can experience  the efficiency and convenience of the (optimized) business environment in Hainan. Start-up time of companies is reduced to one day and the extremely simplified approval procedures are now applicable in 14 Hainan Free Trade Port parks (up from previously 3).

Tang Haiqiong (Vice General Manager of Hainan Chengmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) said that the declaration and reporting process for introduction of clinically urgent products to Lecheng  has been reduced significantly.

Hainan Province has made its business environment even more attractive by adding specific regulations (Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment in Hainan Free Trade Port), by establishing Special Offices for businesses in cities and counties and by setting up a facility for complaints.

In addition to trying to be a "nanny" to actively serve companies and solve their development problems, the Special Offices also focus on handling of complaints and optimization of its services. It resulted in a number of key and difficult problems being solved. Now "Welcome to Companies’ Complaints" has become the "best promotion words" for Hainan.