Walking into the Park to see the Development: Boao Lecheng explores a new medical model and builds a new highland of international medical tourism.

Updated: February 11, 2022 L M S

Lecheng Pilot Zone insists on putting system integration and innovation in a prominent position, gathering the "five elements” including hospitals, doctors, patients, advanced medical equipment and regulation, accelerating the implementation of preferential policies, and constantly releasing the vitality and motivation of reform and development. Walking into the Park to see the Development specially planned for the two sessions will take you into Boao Lecheng.
Pralsetinib, a new targeted therapy for lung cancer, was launched in the United States in September 2020, in which it was imported to Boao Lecheng simultaneously with the international launch. With a sound business environment and continuous breakthroughs in many institutional integration innovations, there are many licensed drugs and devices like this product imported in Lecheng. The launch of international innovative drugs and devices have been accelerating in Lecheng. In January 2020, Lecheng imported 50 licensed drugs and devices, and up to January this year, the number of drugs and devices has exceeded 200, which indicates that Lecheng has basically achieved the "three synchronizations" of medical technology, equipment and drugs with the international advanced level. It is expected to achieve the goal nearly three years ahead of 2025, so that Chinese people can use the most advanced drugs in the world without going abroad.

The institutional innovation achievements not only promotes the launch of innovative drugs and devices at the Lecheng speed, but also reflects the speed of gathering more and more high-quality resources. By innovating the mechanism of "medical insurance plus commercial insurance", Lecheng launched "Lecheng Global Special Drug Insurance", which made 100 varieties of Lecheng special drugs available all over the country, and affordable by more patients, having solved the problem that people could not afford life-saving drugs.

Lecheng not only makes great efforts to make drugs available to patients, but also allows patients to use drugs safely and quickly. In the bonded drug warehouse, you can see rows of licensed drugs and devices such as intraocular lenses and cochlear implants placed on shelves. Traceability codes are affixed to these drugs, which are also equivalent to their own unique "ID cards”, through which the whole process from procurement to use can be monitored and traceable on the traceability management platform, ensuring the health and safety of patients.

Lecheng has also implemented the "two in one" mode for medical treatment and and drug supervision, decentralized the examination and approval authority, optimized the examination and approval speed, and accelerated the examination and approval time for drugs that are used not  for the first time from 7 working days to 1.8 working days, having achieved the transformation from "patients waiting for drugs and devices" to "drugs and devices waiting for patients".

In addition to the examination and approval of drugs and devices, Lecheng launched an integrated platform for simplified examination and approval, which simplified the project examination continuously and approval process and optimized the business environment constantly. Taking Ruijin Hainan Hospital behind me as example, it took only 628 days from the start of the project to the trial operation. Walking in Lecheng, you may feel like shuttling through the scenic spot, full of lush plants. Being here can make people happy physically and mentally, whether for treatment or healthcare. On both sides of the clean road are medical institutions with different garden-style landscape.

In recent years, Lecheng Pilot Zone actively explores win-win cooperation between public medical institutions and private medical institutions, integrates the leading departments of public medical institutions with existing medical institutions, promotes the deeper application of advanced medical technology, and improves the overall level of healthcare so as to benefits the patients ultimately.

As the only medical special zone in China at present, Boao Lecheng, with the support of many preferential policies, has attracted many international high-level medical enterprises and medical institutions. Boao Lecheng has become China's "City of Medicine and Device" and even the "City of Hope" for countless patients, reflecting the vitality and vigor in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.