Siemens surgical robot to enter Chinese market soon

Updated: August 12, 2021 L M S


The CorPath GRX.

The CorPath GRX is a world-leading system for robotic-assisted coronary interventions and is made by Corindus under Siemens Healthineers. On July 3, it began its special review procedure for innovative medical devices from expert groups organized by the National Medical Products Administration.

Siemens Healthineers is currently the first foreign-invested company producing medical imaging equipment in China to undergo this procedure. It is expected that the system will soon be able to enter the Chinese market.

China's first percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) was carried out on March 13 with the assistance of the system and a team led by Ge Junbo, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor at Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University. It took place at Boao Super Hospital under the preferential policies of Lecheng, which supports the licensed operation of innovative medicines and medical devices. 


Ge Junbo (R) conducts China's first PCI with the assistance of CorPath GRX at Boao Super Hospital on March 13.

The system can decrease the dosage of radiation exposure for both the patient and physicians, improve the accuracy of surgical operations, and is likely to reduce intraoperative contact between the patient and physicians. It made its debut in China in 2020 during the third China International Import Expo.

Li Chenguang, one of the physicians from Ge's team, participated in the system's first application in Lecheng, and attended the expert review meeting to help the system gain approval from the special review procedure.

Li briefed the actual intraoperative experience and other operation details during the meeting to help experts to learn more about the system.