Peng Dawei

Updated: August 9, 2021 L M S


Vice president of Boao International Hospital

Chief physician, professor, master supervisor

Member of the Standing Committee of Minimally Invasive Tumor Treatment Commission of China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA)

Member of Chemotherapy Commission of CACA

Member of Clinical Oncology Commission of CACA

Member of the Commission of Interventional Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors, CACA

Member of the Commission of Rehabilitation and Palliative Care of Cancer, CACA

Member of Interventional Therapy Commission of China Cancer Research Foundation

Member of the first committee of Asia-Pacific Association of Medicine and Bio-immunology

Director and member of China Association of Medicine and Bio-immunology

Deputy director of Oncology Commission of Hainan Provincial Medical Association

Executive director and deputy chairman of Hainan Anti-Cancer Association

Peng Dawei has worked as a doctor for 36 years and has devoted himself to the clinical and research work in oncology for three decades. He has published 53 papers and two books.

He has been given a total of 16 awards for his contributions to technological advancement from organizations at various levels. 

He has developed expertise in medical oncology and minimally invasive interventional tumor therapy and has taken the lead in Hainan to carry out interventional radiotherapy, particle implantation combined with chemoradiotherapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound. 

He is also one of China's pioneers in the field of interdisciplinary tumor immunotherapy.

Area of expertise: treat cancers and aging problems with DC-CIK