Liu Dawei

Updated: August 5, 2021 L M S


Chief physician

Member of the Committee of Clinical Oncology Collaboration of the China Anti-Cancer Association

Member of the Military Oncology Committee

Standing Committee Member of the Sarcoma Committee of the Liaoning Anti-Cancer Association

Professor of Internal Medicine and Oncology, Mudanjiang Medical University

Former Chief Physician of the Oncology Department, General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region

Former Vice President of Hunnan Hospital, General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region

Liu Dawei has been engaged in clinical work for 35 years and oncology for 27 years. He began to conduct tumor immunotherapy research in 1989, and completed one National Natural Science Foundation of China project and a provincial natural science foundation project. He participated in completion of seven books and published more than 40 journal articles. He has won one first prize and one second prize for military scientific and technological progress, and one third prize for medical achievements.

Areas of Expertise: tumor chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and endocrine therapy.