Pier Maria Furlan

Updated: August 5, 2021 L M S

Vice President, World Health Organization Collaborating Center

Corresponding Member of the American Psychiatric Association

Chairman of Italian SIPU Emergency Psychiatric Alliance

Acting Dean of the Medical School of the University of Turin, Italy

President of San Luigi Gonzaga, Second Medical College of University of Turin

Director of San Luigi Gonzaga Teaching Hospital of the University of Turin

Chief Full-time Professor of Psychiatry

Professor Pier Maria Furlan is mainly responsible for the hospital's clinical department and medical quality management at the University of Turin. He has rich management experience in medical quality, patient safety and quality supervision, and has implemented the patient safety prevention mechanisms that have effectively improved the quality of medical care and strengthened hospital management. He is also in charge of the management and operation of the Medical College of the University of Turin.

Professor Furlan has published 250 articles and ten books. He has also participated in medical quality, safety and management related projects, including projects of regional health system review and health care management education. He has held many academic and management workshops and participated in international and regional conferences.