He Gang

Updated: August 5, 2021 L M S

Deputy Director and Chief Physician of Cancer Surgery, Boao Evergrande International Hospital

Medical Expertise:

He Gang is good at clinical diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases, including various types of breast surgery such as mammary gland lobectomy, Maimotong minimally invasive surgery, breast-conserving cancer surgery, modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer, simple mastectomy, and sentinel lymph node biopsy. He has mastered the latest theoretical and clinical knowledge of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, postoperative chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted drug therapy, biological therapy, and postoperative rehabilitation guidance for breast cancer of three stages.

Work Experience:

He Gang was former Deputy Chief Physician of Oncology Surgery and Associate Professor at the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, Chief Physician of Oncology Surgery of Ningbo Second Hospital, Master Supervisor of Ningbo University School of Medicine, Director of the Ningbo Cancer Prevention and Treatment Office, and Deputy Chairman of the Oncology Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine. He is an expert in the medical dispute identification expert database of the Ningbo Medical Association, and a registered member of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology.