10 TCM masters' studio plaques unveiled in Boao International Hospital

Updated: March 19, 2021 L M S


The plaque-unveiling ceremony for the inheritance studios of 10 TCM masters is held on March 14 at Boao International Hospital.

A plaque-unveiling ceremony for the studios of 10 traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) masters was held on March 14 in Boao International Hospital in Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone.

It is the first time that 10 such "inheritance studios" of TCM masters have been located together in Hainan, and it is also rare in China. 

TCM masters are outstanding representatives in their field countrywide. They embody the high standards of current TCM academic and clinical research.

It is expected that the establishment of these studios will better pass on these masters’ medical ethics and techniques, contribute to the collection and research of their academic ideas and clinical experience, and promote the cultivation of TCM talents.

The masters noted that they will shoulder the responsibility of inheriting, innovating and promoting TCM and make contributions to the cultivation of high-caliber TCM talents. They will also offer support for Boao International Hospital in areas spanning talent training, transformation and application of TCM preparations made by the hospital, and the hospital’s standardized management.

Lecheng possesses an excellent ecological environment which is rare around the world, making the zone an ideal place to explore TCM treatment, healthcare, medical tourism and leisure vacations.

Boao International Hospital has offered an outstanding and open platform for TCM physicians and experts from all over the country to further increase the curative effects of TCM and to offer high-quality TCM diagnosis and treatment services for people.  


Boao International Hospital.