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Second-generation trail-less pacemaker Micra AV applied in Lecheng

Updated: September 5, 2020 L M S

The second-generation trail-less pacemaker Micra AV was applied in clinical practice for the first time in China at Boao Super Hospital on Sept 5, 2020.

Micra AV is a new generation of innovative products following Micra VR, the star exhibit of the previous two China International Import Expos (CIIE) held in Shanghai. Micra VR was unveiled at the first CIIE in 2018 and was praised by the media as "the smallest pacemaker in the world".

The hospital completed its first domestic clinical application in December 2018. The cardiology team at Boao Super Hospital achieved the first domestic clinical application of Micra AV in 2020, which was another milestone in the development of pacemaker therapy in China.