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Boao Yiling Life Care Center

Updated: July 7, 2020 L M S


Boao Yiling Life Care Center [Photo by Boao Hope City]

Boao Yiling Life Care Center is the world's first comprehensive tertiary medical institution to be named after "Life Care". It is located in Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, which enjoys national preferential policies. It has been honored on numerous occasions. In 2017 Boao Yiling Life Care Center was rated as a "High and New Technology Enterprise in Hainan Province" by the Hainan Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

The center is situated on the south bank of the Wanquan River, enjoying picturesque views of the surrounding environment. Its services and stunning natural surroundings have earned it a reputation as a "life conservation resort" for high-net-worth people worldwide. Yiling covers an area of 56 mu (3.73 hectares) and the center's first phase of development saw an investment of 1 billion yuan ($143.2 million).

This medical complex consists of nine centers and a hospital: life care and scientific research centers, a precision medical research center, a physical examination center, a health care center, a beauty care center, a VIP image design center, a disease management center, a body function rehabilitation center, a culture and arts experience center and the BOAO Super Hospital of TCM. The complex mainly carries out health promotion, disease prevention, the management of chronic diseases, health preservation and rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine therapy, life and beauty care, mind and soul rehabilitation, medical tourism, international referrals and the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

Yiling Life Care Center follows the principle of "healthy China, beautiful China and happy China" and upholds the concepts of "big health view" and "big life view", which promote a focus on general health instead of disease treatment, aiming to prevent serious health issues instead of dealing with them when they arise. Yiling aims to innovatively combine elements of Western and Eastern medical practices, along with treatment and tourism, to offer a new healthcare format.

Since opening in January 2017, the center's equipment and facilities have seen consistent improvement. The service process is being continuously refined and improved upon and is geared to meet international standards. As Yiling's popularity and influence continue to expand, it's clear the center has established itself as a major innovator and reformer within the pilot zone.