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Hainan Xinshengquan International Cell Therapy Hospital

Updated: July 7, 2020 L M S


Hainan Xinshengquan International Cell Therapy Hospital [Photo by Boao Hope City]

Hainan Xinshengquan International Cell Therapy Hospital ("Xinshengquan Hospital" for short) is located in Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone and covers an area of 25 mu (1.67 hectares), with total investment reaching 465 million yuan ($66.6 million). An affiliate of ASIA STEM CELL GROUP, INC, the cell therapy facility was co-founded by a group of professors and doctors who returned from Europe and the United States, and is led by experts from the "Thousand Talents Program", which was initiated by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

The hospital offers access to stem cell medical technologies for trial implementation in accordance with State Council document [2013] No 33. With its world-class stem cell therapy technology, Xinshengquan Hospital was approved by the Hainan Health Commission (formerly the Hainan Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission) to enter the zone. The hospital aims to improve the anti-aging clinical medical safety system and specializes in health management, biomedical technology research and application and the clinical treatment of adaptation diseases, providing customers with tailored medical services. The hospital has always adhered to the principles of "safe and effective, scientific basis, compliance with laws and regulations and customers first" to provide clients with "one-stop" stem cell medical services. The facility also offers a health management-centered digital platform to aid in recovery, treatment and body conditioning.

At present, Xinshengquan Hospital has set up departments for internal medicine, oncology, emergency medicine, plastic surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, stomatology, ophthalmology, dermatology, medical aesthetics, anesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine and geriatrics, as well as a medical laboratory, a medical imaging facility and a blood transfusion center. It has been approved for 100 beds and recognized as a specialty hospital for stem cell-related treatment options.

Xinshengquan Hospital boasts a clinical-grade cell preparation production base that complies with "China's NMPA/America's FDA/EU's EMA international CGMP/GCCP standards". Additionally, its team has established a stem cell preparation management system and a quality control system, along with operating specifications for the stem cell preparation process, which comply with GMP standards to ensure that stem cells are safe, stable and reliable.