Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone (Baoting county)

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Dream Valley [Photo/www.yanoda.com]

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, located at Baoting county in Sanya, Hainan province, about 35 kilometers away from downtown Sanya, is a representative of Hainan's five tropical rainforests, which can be regarded as China's diamond-grade rainforest scenic spot. The name "Yanoda" means "one, two, three" in the local dialect, it also means "hello", expressing amicability and blessing. 


Sandao Valley [Photo/www.yanoda.com]  

Sandao Valley has a total length of about three kilometers, with a water depth of 30 m and width of 30-40 m. Waterfalls, rocks, giant trees, and springs formed over ten different and unique landscapes in the valley. There are peculiar geological structure and an abundance of medicinal resources. Some of the stones are as fantastic as the lunar surface, and some are as colorful as a sunset. 

Dream Valley is the best example of a valley waterfall in the tropical rainforest. The 1.2-meter deep and 200-meter high tropical rainforest valley incloses Yingbin Waterfall, Tianmen Waterfall and Lianen Waterfall. The magnificent and colorful scenery, together with the giant trees, rocks, and streams, forms a mysterious and dreamy zone. 


Rainforest Valley [Photo/www.yanoda.com]

Rainforest Valley shows the original ecology of the rainforest landscape. It has six wonders including the giant banyan, centennial old vines, "living fossil" alsophila podophylla, huge glossy ganoderma, "cold-blooded killer" artiaris toxicaria, and wild arenga pinnata. Rainforest Valley is a unique huge "natural oxygen bar" and negative oxygen ion generator, where the average annual temperature is 24 degrees. The tour channel is comprised of the wooden plank, rustic stone steps, and drawbridge to meet the needs of various tourists.

Scenic Spot level: AAAAA

Ticket price: 158 yuan ($24.28) per person

Tel: +86-898-83883333


Take the bus from Sanya Coach Station to Baoting or Wuzhishan, and get off at the intermediate stop, Sandao Nongchang Road. The bus departs at the interval of every 30 minutes and costs 13 yuan ($2) per person.