Wuzhizhou Island (Sanya)

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Wuzhizhou Island [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Of all the islands that surround Hainan there are very few that possess fresh water, natural resources and rich vegetation. Wuzhizhou Island has more than two thousand types of plants and many precious tree species such as the plant kingdom's "giant panda", the dragon's blood tree. There are other rarely seen plants including symbiotic and parasitic species including strangling vines and many more.

At the eastern and southern ends of Wuzhizhou Island there are linked peaks which rise to 79.9 meters at their highest point. Steep cliffs descend to the reefs of the bay where huge waves crash on to the rocks to create massive sprays of water that look like snow. 


Valentine bridge [Photo/wuzhizhou.com]

The west and northern terrain of the island gradually levels out into a bay with a beach of fine white sand. Around the island, the seawater is pollution free and crystal clear with high visibility down to a depth of 27 m. These are natural fishing grounds teeming with Spanish mackerel, grouper, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, prawns, luminous conches and tropical fish of every color under the sun.  


A building similar to the bird's nest where is the filming location of Private Custom [Photo/wuzhizhou.com]

In this magical underwater world, uniquely shaped and brightly colored corals abound. This is the most perfectly preserved of Hainan's coastal natural resources and also the best place for diving and sightseeing. 

Scenic Spot level: AAAA

Ticket Price : 150 yuan ($22.68)

Tel: +86-898-88751257

Add: 2.7 km offshore from Linwang Town in the Sanya Scenic Tourism Area

Transportation Guide:

Take the Haikou-Sanya Eastern Expressway, leave the Expressway at the Teng Bridge exit, then follow the Laodong Highway towards Sanya. On arrival in Linwang Town, look out for the dedicated road leading to Wuzhizhou Island.

Bus: No 28 (Phoenix Island to Wuzhizhou Island)