Qionghai Wanquan River Rafting (3A-Level)

Updated: June 24, 2020 L M S


Qionghai Wanquan River Rafting [Photo provided by Boao Hope City]

The Wanquan River Canyon is 21 kilometers long and boasts rolling and magnificent mountain peaks and peculiar natural landscapes such as canyon caves, grotesque rocks, strange cliff walls, spring waterfalls, treacherous shoals, and rapids. The scenic spots, including mysterious caves, waterfalls, pool, valley and thin strips of sky, are all quiet and beautiful with bizarre scenes. The tropical rainforests on both sides of the river bank are the only rainforests in the world that have not been damaged by humans and are best preserved in their natural state. The green coverage of the west bank of the river is above 95 percent. The water of the Wanquan River is clear and pure, and can be drunk directly; the river is a national first-class water source. The air along the river is fresh and sufficient in oxygen and free from industrial pollution, giving the scenic area a reputation as a "natural oxygen valley".